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XTA (eXtended Total Annihilation) was originally a mod of TA:CC patch 3.1, which then has continued in the Spring engine. It is in principle very similar to TA:CC, but there are some differences, not notably the fact that Moho Mines take 300 energy to run.

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Basic xta description for ota players[]

All level 1 units are worth building:

  • Stumpies and Hammers are decent anti*MT choices.
  • Jeffies are very dangerous, but they do cost nearly 200 metal.
  • There is a level 1 gunship now.
  • Freedom Fighters and Avengers have been given their sorely needed boost.

All level 2 units are worth building:

  • Sumos have tons of armor, huge range, rapid fire rate and move at medium speed.
  • Their 2.1k metal cost is well worth the unit you get in exchange.
  • Goliaths are horrifying weapons: 23k armor (66% as much as an OTA Krogoth), missile*alike range, BB*class shell.
  • But they don't quite come for free: 2.8k metal.
  • Mavericks build much faster.
  • Flakkers fire at ground targets, and their antiair potential has been improved.
  • Warlords and Leviathans were massively boosted in terms of armor and firepower.
  • Krogoths are totally krazy, man.

Nearly all defenses were revamped:

  • MTs are nearly unchanged, except they are smaller so that you can fit more of them into the same space.
  • LLTs have the range and power to be worth building.
  • HLTs are a bit costly, but they can reach further than missiles.
  • An excellent early creep weapon.
  • Ambusher/Toaster are now buidable by level 1 Construction units and fulfill the same role as Guardian/Punisher in OTA.
  • Guardian/Punisher are level 2 structures with much longer range, firepower and armor.
  • Annihilators and Doomsday Machines have far higher range, more armor, and they don't blow up half your base when they die.
  • With all the armor available in level 2 units, you will need them.
  • BB has lost some accuracy, Intim lost some range. Both lost firepower but gained armor and area of effect.
  • EMP/Neutron silos are short ranged, very fast building budget nukes.
  • Antinuke silos build their missiles faster to accomodate for EMP/Neutron change.

Resource structures have changed less than other parts of the mod but the gameplay impact is very big:

  • Metal Extractors self destruct instantly and without damaging anything around them.
  • This makes upgrading to Moho Extractors less tedious.
  • ARM has a Mobile Fusion, CORE has a stationary Light Fusion.
  • Both cost 1500 metal and make about 300 energy: ideal to fuel your Moho economy.
  • Moho Extractors are quite cheap (750 metal) and make lots of metal, but they drain 300 energy.
  • You want to have at least a Geo or Mobile/Light Fusion before you build a Moho.

Cloakable Fusions have taken the place of OTA's regular ones.

  • Regular Fusions now cost 10k metal. Their armor and energy production have been increased appropriately.
  • This reduces the need for Fusion farms in very late game.
  • Mine layers have several types of mines that are worth building and move faster.
  • Energy and Metal Storage stores a lot more.
  • Missile frigates have got firepower and hitpoints suitable for their cost.
  • Mobile artillery and lugers are not inaccurate.
  • Decoy commanders build as fast as real commanders.
  • The build range on all con units has been increased.